Professional Installation

Too busy to spend the time learning and installing a new tool?
Not a PERL guru?
Can't get your album installed properly?

You may want to consider having your album professionally installed. Success is guaranteed or you don't pay! For $20 USD, you get:

Professional installation does not include custom layout or style work, though this can be negotiated on a per project basis. New features or code changes are also not included. These items are usually billed out at $30/hour.

I encourage you to test drive the sample album first to get a feel for the features. Once installed, support is provided throught the online support forums, for free. (Best effort support is free for everyone.)

Payment is via PayPal only (please make sure you are a PayPal user before requesting the work). My PayPal id is

What I need from you:

Optional information:

Please e-mail the above information to

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