Author Topic: Using a Style Sheet (Also: "style sheet not working" error)  (Read 136039 times)

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Using a Style Sheet (Also: "style sheet not working" error)
« on: September 16, 2002, 05:41:59 »
To get the included style sheet to work with your photo album, there are really only 2 steps you need to perform:

1. Copy Photo_Album.css (included in the zip file) into your web root. This is often the directory named htdocs, www or something similar. It is *not* your photo album directory or your cgi-bin directory. (It's usually the directory that has cgi-bin in it.)

2. Ensure the style_sheet config item is set to /Photo_Album.css (style_sheet=/Photo_Album.css). This is the default setting, so unless you've changed this, you shouldn't need to do anything.

Once that's done, your album should be using the default style sheet. From here you can edit the templates and Photo_Album.css to change the style of your album.

Note: If you're upgrading from a previous release of, and are definitely already using a style sheet but still seeing the missing style sheet error, just add the following class definition to it:

Code: [Select]
/* Used to display "Missing Style Sheet" warning. Actually, it's used to hide the warning. :) */
.hidden   { display: none; }

This will get rid of the missing style sheet error. If it doesn't immediately get rid of the error, then the old style sheet is probably cached. Try hitting CTRL-Refresh (IE) or Shift-Reload (Netscape) to force the new style sheet to load. relies heavily on style sheets, and running without the included Photo_Album.css (or a modified copy of it) makes your album look broken. (Check the sample album to see how an album looks with a working style sheet.)

Style sheets can be a pretty steep learning curve, so here are a couple of good resources on them:
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